The Owner I began my "hobby" of photography at the age of 11 with a Brownie Hawkeye camera, and have been shooting ever since. My current photography is done with a Canon Digital Rebel T3i. I print many of my own photographs on a Canon iP8720 professional printer, which enables me to print photos up to 13"x19". My hobby became professional about 16 years ago when someone suggested my photographs depicted more than the "home album" photos and I should offer them for all to enjoy. I have been photographing "obscure Arizona" (and other out of the ordinary locales) for many years. I invite you to join my hikes into back country areas beside the still water of woodland creeks, through meadows of desert flowers, to magnificent mountains and colossal canyons. My "Antelope Abstract" series is one of my favorites. You never know what you will get when you photograph Antelope Canyon. I was one of few who were allowed to photograph Kartchner Caverns during a special photographers' tour promoted by the Diamondback Foundation and the Arizona State Parks. What a thrilling sight! While I enjoy out-of-the-way places, my photography also features some well-known sites, sunsets and sunrise, cityscapes, and a variety of animals. I offer prints for framing as well as some stock for publications and graphic designs. I will be happy to fill a request or accept an assignment for a special shoot.
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