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Grunge involves many layers of several pictures ending with a final composite. The background for the cabin, wagon and corral photos is the inside of an old covered bridge found in upper state New York. The background for the iris photo was a wall from a fort in the same area, plus the wall of a tiered garden and theflowers. The background for the barn was a gate on the covered bridge, and if you look closely you will see the hinges and the supporting iron across the planks. The cabin, barn, corral, wagon, and iris were all shot in entirely different locations and were pulled from my files.

The barn, wagon and iris photos are available on 8x10 wood panels. The other iris and cabin will soon be available on wood. Grunge #4, 8, 9 and 10 photos are available on 8x10 wood panels. Grunge #2 through #10 are available in print from 5x7" to 13x19". Grunge #1 calla lily is available in an 8x8" or 12x12" print. Feel free to contact me for details
Quiet Creek - NY
Grunge #2
Bridge with Wagon
Grunge #4
Bridge with Cabin #1
Grunge #5
Bridge with Cabin #2
Grunge #6
Bridge with Corral
Grunge #7
Barn on Bridge Gate
Grunge #8
Iris Garden on Wood
Grunge #9
Purple Iris on Wood
Grunge #10
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