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Arizona Canyons & Caverns

Antelope Canyon #1
Antelope Canyon #1
Rock Formation with Moss
Tonto Bridge #2

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Canyon de Chelly

Tsegi Shadows
Chelly #15
Spider Rock (1)
Chelly #4

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Grand Canyon

Sunset from Cape Royal
Grand Canyon #6
Hopi Point
Grand Canyon #3

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Arizona Mountains

Superstitions Spring-time
Superstitions #17
Sunset on the Right Mitten
Monument Valley #33

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Colorado Mountains

North Cheyenne Canyon #1
North Cheyenne Canyon #1
Kissing Camels (1)
Garden of the Gods #1

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Utah Canyons & Caverns

Navajo Sandstone (1)
Calf Creek Canyon #5
Black Varnish (2)
Calf Creek Canyon #3

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Utah Mountains

La Sal Mountain
La Sal Mountain
Utah Panorama
Utah Panorama

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Mammoth Hot Springs #6
Mammoth Hot Springs #6
Close-up of the Grand Tetons
Grand Teton #3

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Western Mountains

Ski Lift from top of Sandia
Sandia (NM) #1
Old Snow Fence-Sandia Park
Sandia (NM) #3

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Red Rocks

North Window (UT)
Arches #1
Junction Overlook (AZ) (2)
Chelly #19

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