Obscure Observations is proud to offer the professional publishing and advertising industries high quality rights protected images for use as stock photography. Requests of all types are accepted and we endeavor to accommodate all budgets. We offer a very quick turn-around on portfolios. Online image submissions are available on request, as are submissions of preview sample jpegs via email. High-resolution digital image files are available on CD-Rom.

To Request a Submission: If you have found an image on this site, and would like to know if we have other similar images in our files, or you would like to request a submission of a portfolio, please reach us by either phone or e-mail.

Stock Photography Pricing: License fees for one-time, exclusive, or unlimited use vary greatly depending on the specific type of use, i.e. Commercial Advertising, Corporate, Editorial, or Paper Products. Pricing reflects industry standards, and can include discounts for use of multiple images, or multiple use of a single image. If you'd like a price quote for stock photo use, simply call, e-mail or complete the Stock Photo Price Request Form.

Control of distribution of rights managed stock: Royalty managed images are used to build a unique look, brand awareness, or corporate identity. We can help protect your investment by assuring that our images do not appear on thousands of royalty free sites and CDs. Our control of distribution is definitely to your advantage.

It is to your benefit not to use royalty-free images: The losses in dollars and consumer awareness are often insurmountable for your business when you have invested hours developing a campaign, and a competitor develops a similar ad using the same photo. And it can happen when royalty-free images can be downloaded from several sites. However, because of current demand, Obscure Observations Photography is now offering royalty-free stock, and well as some semi-exclusive royalty-free stock, which gives you rights to that photograph for two years. Click here for more information on Semi-exclusive Royalty-free stock.